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What is Bots & Bits?

What exactly is this?

On the surface, I'm a Youtube reviewer of collectable toys and memorabilia. In the background though, I communicate with international manufacturers, wholesalers and store owners.


Over the years I've formed close relationships with otherwise tight lipped businesses. This has helped Bots & Bits grow as a source of news & information, while also promoting non English speaking businesses to a Western retail & consumer market faster than usual.

Where did I come from?

How did this all start?

In early 2016, Bots & Bits (originally Bits & Bots) began as an Australian online retailer. Importing 3rd party and KO Transformers for sale at minimal markup. I had great success and business exploded quicker than anyone ever imagined.


Due to policy change implemented by the Chinese government beginning July 2016, in Oct 2016 our Chinese financial accounts were frozen. Despite this, Bots & Bits had become a small community in Australia of familiar faces, news & discussion. Through the encouragement of previous customers, friends and my wife. A month later I decided to keep Bots & Bits alive in a News/Reviews/Promotional capacity, thanks to the community and my sales/manufacturing contacts.

Why am I still here?

Now and in the future

I've considered myself an artist my entire adult life. I usually achieve a small level of success within a medium and get bored. Painting, Sculpting, Graphic design, Photography. Chucked it in.While making Youtube videos I realised VFX creativity is far more interesting than anything I've studied before. Skits, gags and special effects keep the artistic magic alive for me.Until I succeed, or get bored ^_^

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