Support? Wha?

wtf... why?

Bots & Bits is a real passion project. I try my absolute best to keep every episode to a high standard. A big part of my standard is high quality music, sound and motion graphics. Some I make myself, others I purchase or license.

Sometimes I get an idea, and it has to look and sound a certain way or I have to creatively abandon it. This can make content take longer, and does add a monetary cost to each episode. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

Seeing my ideas realised, and watching you all enjoy them in real time is the greatest feeling.

Go on...

Have your attention?

The easiest way to support the B&B Project is to just watch & enjoy. When you watch an entire episode and like or comment your thoughts, it helps tell Youtube my content has an audience.

Another thing you can do to help, is turn off your Add blocker before clicking my videos. Adds suck, and they're annoying to watch. Having them pop up however means I get a tiny amount of revenue. Only a couple of Cents, but it all adds up. Eventually I either buy editing assets or place a deposit on a upcoming product for a future episode. I'm not asking you to watch/click on advertising, just have the add blocker off.

That was all pretty easy yeh?

WHOA THERE! There is more...
Sharing Bots & Bits videos you like in your usual groups and message boards makes a big difference to the channel

Give me your dollars!

Give them to meeeeeee!

That's right, we've reached the begging section of every Youtuber's page ever.

*rattles can
If you would like to contribute financially to Bots & Bits, you can do via the Paypal link at the top of this page. Any donations go towards purchasing assets, Production subscriptions, Pre orders and anything else the Channel itself might need.


Get Merch

Get something for your money

If you want something more for your money, you could always grab some custom merch from the B&B store. Shirts, Hoodies, Mugs, Cushions.. etc..
Happy to hear your suggestions and ideas as well if you have any.


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